Monday, May 31, 2010

RIDE RECAP: May 31st 2010 Group Ride

WOW!!! What an amazing day for a ride! The weather couldn't have been better and the crew that showed up was awesome. We ended up adding a few miles to the original route & ended up with 48.5 miles with a decent amount of climbing(2,116 ft). Here's the recap:

So, thanks again to everyone who showed up & I can't wait to see everyone next Monday.

Memorial Day Group Ride

Hey Everyone. I've got a nice ride planned for Memorial Day.

Here's the skinny:
• 45 mile loop
• 16-17mph average
• rolling hills with a couple longer climbs
• Meet at the East Longmeadow shop between 9:30-10AM
• The ride will leave around 10:15

Hope to see everyone there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RIDE RECAP: May 24th 2010 Group Ride

Morning everyone!

What an amazing ride we had last night! There were about 20 of us, which is about the biggest ride that we've had in the last couple of years. So, thanks to everyone who showed up.

Here's the recap of last night's ride:

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the ride! See you all soon!