Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CEC Ladies - Time for some HILLS!

Hi Ladies,

So, I have to say, this has been an awesome season of riding with all of you.  It's been so great seeing new faces and most of your faces EVERY WEEK!  I'm totally impressed with how you've all grown, and there is thankfully, more days of riding.

For our evening ride we'll be facing some pretty fun hills.  Yes, I said fun.  It's going to be great exploring some new territory for our Wednesday night ride.  We are taking the mileage down to just over 25 so we can ease into some of the climbs.  Check the ride here.

We unfortunately might see some rain in the afternoon, so stay tuned to CEC facebook page or call the shop by 4:30pm.

See you all soon!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi ladies!!!

What an absolutely beautiful day!  I cannot wait to ride with you all tonight!  We will ride the loop planned for last week which you can view HERE.

See you all tonight!!!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday & Tuesday's Rides!

Hi everyone!  Here's the plans for Monday and Tuesday:

First up, here's the route for the B Group:  This is our recreational paced ride.  Averaging about 16mph with a NO-DROP policy.

Up next is the A & B groups.  This week we are going to change it up a bit.  We'll be combining the groups and heading across the Connecticut River.  In order to make the entire ride before the sun goes down, we'll be looking to average about 20mph.  Although we will be keeping the NO-DROP policy, we ask that you all make sure that you know the route ahead of time.

And finally, ROYCE'S RIDE!  Here's the route...

As usual if FULL of hills!  Be prepared to climb!  We'll be looking to average about 20mph on this ride, so there's a good chance that we're going to endure a little suffering.

Hope to see you all out there!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

We had a GREAT ride last week!  I'm so impressed with how much you've all grown from the first ride of the season.  The pace is becoming more consistent, and I'm seeing the confidence grow.  It's so awesome!  Keep up the hard work!

For tomorrow we have another great ride planned.  If you would like to view it ahead of time, click HeRe.  As of right now there's a chance of thunderstorms developing in the afternoon/evening.  Argh, a CHANCE!  We will keep a close eye on the radar and if need be, call the ride by 4-4:30pm (depending on how if-y it is).  Check to CEC Facebook page or call the EL shop (413.737.7495).  If it looks cloudy we will probably still meet around 5:15pm and make a final call around 5:30pm.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!


Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello Gang!

Sorry for the short notice, but we will return to Robinson tonight.  Meet at the church parking lot at 5:30pm to roll into the woods around 6pm.  Call the EL shop with any questions 413.737.7495.

Next week we'll head to Earl's for something new.  We'll touch base next week with more details.

Hope to see you all tonight!

-CEC Crew

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ladies, I've missed you!!!

Wow!  I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I've seen you all.  A HUGE thanks again and again to Allison and Christin for keeping the riding happening, and to all of you for coming for the ride!  I'm really excited for tomorrow to see you all again and put a little over 30 miles under our Wednesday night belt.  With what looks like to be a warm and sunny evening, I think there will be no trouble tackling this route.  If you would like to check it out ahead of time, click HeRe!

Remember lots of water, sunblock and a snack or two.  Restful evening to you all, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

MONDAY'S RIDES! 07/09/2012

Hi all our cycling friends!  Hope your weekend was filled with plenty of miles and hours of watching the Tour.  Here are the plans...

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Root 66 Series Race #8: Windham

Comp Edge raced a world class course this past weekend, at the 8th Root 66 race in Windham, NY.  The day before, the Pros took on the same course during the 8th UCI World Cup. 

"It was different than Pats Peak because it was more consistent... climbs were gradual fire road climbs with a couple single track short climbs.  You could really just get in a rhythm climbing. The descents were wicked fast and fun...can't wait to do it again next year. The fan turnout was awesome! We also hung out and watched the men's WC DH final Sunday afternoon... they are so FAST!"      -Tina, 1st place Cat 1 women

Photos from the World Cup
Video of the XC Pro Men and Pro Women (check out the course preview at minute 5!)


Name Gender Category Laps Time Place Points
Nathan Orie M Cat 2 Singlespeed Open 3 1:20:41 4 46
Tina Severson F Cat 2 19-34 3 1:20:48 1 60
Jen Audia F Cat 2 19-34 3 1:35:28 7 39
Brett Severson M Cat 2 30-39 3 1:11:26 7 39
Will Raymond M Cat 2 40-49 3 1:12:27 4 46
Sammy Neves  M Cat 2 40-49 3 1:50:06 36
David Powell M Cat 2 50+ 3 1:20:45 5 43
Paul Lussier M Cat 2 50+ 3 1:23:30 6 41
John Weferling M Cat 2 50+ 3 1:29:11 11
Tri Vinh  M Cat 2 50+ 3 1:32:31 13

Monday, July 2, 2012

Root 66 Series Race #7: Grafton Ponds

With a different venue and unchristened course, Putney transformed into something entirely new this year - the 1st Ever West Hill Shop/Grafton Ponds MTB Race.  'Woof' became 'Wow'.  A bluebird day in Vermont with dry air, green mountainous scenery, and a killer course made Grafton Ponds one to remember.   The course was dry, rideable, and extremely fun. 

Thom (CyclingDirt) says Hello (video)

Comp Edge again brought the heat, with fourteen entries and nine top five finishes. Go, team!
Tina, tearing it up for a 1st place finish

Nathan, focused and determined.
Pam takes third!  against stiff competition on a hot day

Grafton Ponds

Name Gender Category Laps Time Place Points
Royce Yeomans M Cat 1 Singlespeed Open 4 2:05:55 3 50
Christin Christoph F Cat 1 12-34 4 2:34:31 2 55
Nathan Orie M Cat 2 Singlespeed Open 3 1:47:20 3 50
Brett Severson M Cat 2 30-39 3 1:40:50 4 46
Jeffrey Landry M Cat 2 40-49 3 1:42:48 5 43
Will Raymond M Cat 2 40-49 3 1:45:43 8 37
Sammy Neves  M Cat 2 40-49 3 2:27:24 17
David Powell M Cat 2 50+ 3 1:51:55 4 46
Tri Vinh  M Cat 2 50+ 3 2:01:50 7 39
John Weferling M Cat 2 50+ 3 2:03:33 8 37
Tina Severson F Cat 2 19-34 3 1:48:36 1 60
Jen Audia F Cat 2 19-34 3 1:59:51 5 43
Pamela Fielding F Cat 2 35+ 3 2:07:18 3 50
Jared Yeomans M Cat 3 12-18 2 1:45:00 7 39

"For a course that was noted as "easy," I think it snuck up on you because everything was so rideable – making you push that much harder.  Nice push, Team!"  -Pam

Monday's Rides & the plans for the week

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend and didn't let the heat get you down.

Since we had to cancel last week's ride due to rain, we'll be using the routes that we posted last week.




As for the rest of the week, we'll be taking off Tuesday and Wednesday due the 4th of July holiday.  We will be back in the swing of things on Thursday with a mountain bike ride over at Robinson State Park.

Hope to see you all out there!