Sunday, March 27, 2011

Impromptu Felt demo!

So, I have been logging a pile of road miles already this season. But with the weather the way it's been the last week, it just way too freaking cold and windy to be on the road. So, when Sean called me yesterday to see if I wanted to head into Robinson State Park for a mountain bike ride, i jumped!

Sean & I managed to rally some of the Comp Edge crew together and he hooked us all up with some of the Felt 29er fleet. It was awesome!! Not only are the woods in much better shape than I could have ever imagined, but it was warm in there too!! No wind either!

We all road the Felt Nine Team and I have to say it road like a dream! I was on Sean's personal bike since we have the exact same fit(yup...I'm that lucky). And the rest of the boys road some of the demo fleet. The bike was super responsive! Quick in the twisty stuff, awesome on the climbs and handled great on some of the descents. The only trouble I had was when we hit some of the snow that you couldn't ride around. But that wasn't the bike's fault, I just suck in the snow.

As the bike season gets closer and closer, I would definitely recommend swinging by the shop to check out some of the Felt Nine series. If you are on the fence about 26 vs. 29, I would say you have to ride it to believe it. 29ers are here to stay. THEY RULE!


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