Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Felt F1 DI2 REVIEW

So, I have been lucky enough to borrow a Felt F1 DI2 (thanks, Sean) for a few days of rigorous testing before my new road bike comes in. I went over to Competitive Edge in East Longmeadow yesterday to meet up with Bryant for a quick fit. Bryant is the man! If you have never been properly fit to your bike, or you are in need of a new fit, now's the time & Bryant is your man! He dialed in my fit in no time, and it came out perfect. I was laughing for the first couple of miles about how comfortable I felt(no pun intended) on the bike. Thanks, Bryant!

First off, let me say that I have been utterly blown away by how amazing this bike rides. I was on a Felt F3 last year & I can assure you that these bikes keep getting better and better.

Let's start with the DI2. Like I'm sure many of you are, I was a little skeptical about electric shifting. Would it seem like I was cheating? Can it really be that much better for the cost? Well, let me tell you it is seriously amazing! The speed and accuracy of the shifts were out of this world. The one thing that really blew my mind was the shifting on the front derailleur. It was effortless. At super high speeds, climbing, and any other situation where you are putting a lot of tension on the chain...EFFORTLESS! It just shifts! Any time you want to shift it does! Now, I'm not getting DI2 on my new bike, but after riding this I wish I was.

And now the bike. I'm not going to bother reviewing saddle, bars, or wheels that came with the bike. They're awesome. But since everyone's needs and fits are different, I'll leave that up to personal preference. The bike however is absolutely fabulous! The best thing about the bike is how smooth it rides. For a super stiff race bike, it's amazing how smooth and comfortable it is on longer rides. It's not until you really need it that you start to feel the stiffness. Stand up to sprint or climb and all of a sudden the bike starts to work for you. The responsiveness and pop you get is unparalleled.

Am I a little biased? Maybe. But there's a reason I am riding a Felt F bike for 2 yeas in a row. They are just down right amazing bikes! I know we all have our brand loyalties and I'm not saying that a Specialized, Trek or any other bike company is better or worse. I'm just telling you what I know from riding them. Swing by Competitive Edge and check the Felt Bicycles selection for yourself. You will not be disappointed!


p.s. Bryant is riding a Specialized SL4 this season, so stay tuned for the review on that bike.

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