Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RIDE RECAP: July 26th 2010

Well, it was the first Monday night in a while that wasn't blazin' hot with the chance of severe thunderstorms. THANK GOD! The temperature was perfect and with the exception of the ridiculous winds, you couldn't have asked for a better night to ride.

We pedaled down into Enfield and over the 190 bridge as one group. After we crossed the bridge, we split into the 2 groups. Steve W. took out the B GROUP and I took out the A GROUP.  We went our separate ways and like it was fate, we ended up back at the bridge at the same time.  We then pedaled the rest of the way home as one group. It was perfect!

The B GROUP ended up with 39 miles with about a 17.5 mph average.  Great riding guys!  As for the A GROUP, here's the recap:

Awesome riding from both groups! Thanks to everyone that came out and we'll see you all next week!


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