Thursday, July 15, 2010

RIDE RECAP: Robinson - July 14th 2010

Well...i'm just going to get right into it!  It was wet, muddy, and AWESOME!!  We had a couple test Stumpjumpers, so Steve Wallbridge and Dan Walker hopped on those.  Dan rode great! After taking his freshman beatdown last week, he came out and slayed the trails.  And then there was Steve...

This was Steve's first ride on a mountain bike and his first ride in the woods.  Now, we all know that Steve is an animal on the road. Well...he is definitely an animal in the woods.  That rang true when he ripped both chainrings in half and completely off the bike!

We managed to push and tow Steve out of the woods, smiling the whole time.  Either way, it was a blast!  Thanks to everyone who came out & we can't wait till next week!

Oh's the recap:

We're also going to be heading to a different spot to pedal in the woods starting next week. Stay tuned to the blog for the details!


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  1. wow....Steve needs to lighten up on the 'roids or he is gonna get busted when they test him! :) Now we got to get him out on a mountain bike again without any mechanicals...but can any bike withstand the watts those massive quads put out?