Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

I'm so excited that we are having our first club ride of the season tomorrow night! I have a great loop planned that will all get us back into the swing of things. Just like the other shop rides, we'll meet up between 5-5:15pm to ride out no later than 5:30pm. If you are new to our club rides, please stop into the shop before the ride to sign our ride waiver form.

Here are a few things to prepare you for tomorrow:

1. Make sure you have plenty of water
2. Consider bringing a quick snack like GU, Honey Stingers or Hammer Gel to keep you charged
3. Having a blinky light is always a good idea even though we'll plan to return before sunset
5. Repair kit - tube, tire levers, CO2 or pump (I've gotten a lot of practice at changing tubes, so I'm very happy to help)
6. A bike that is road ready and safe. This could be the first ride of the season for some, but please, make sure you know for certain that your bike is running smoothly.
7. Tire pressure! Checking your tire pressure before a ride can save you from flats and make it easier to ride. The recommended psi is indicated on the wall of your tire.

Please check out the route ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the area and the type of terrain. This is an ALL LEVELS NO DROP ROAD ride, meaning whether you are a new or seasoned rider you are welcome to join, you can be sure that we will not leave anyone out on the road, and a road bike is strongly preferred (the terrain and pace might be difficult on a comfort or hybrid style bike). The pace of the ride will be determined by the group. I would like to encourage however, on hills and descents, riders can cautiously pass other riders and/or take terrain at your preferred pace but please, wait up at an approaching stop light or sign and/or slow your pace until all riders have rejoined group. The main objective is to have fun but I hope all of you can consider this an opportunity as well to strengthen your cycling skills and bodies.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!


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