Sunday, August 22, 2010

GROUP RIDE: Monday August 23rd 2010

Hi Everyone!

We missed out last week on account of the poor weather and it seems like the weather is going to be against us again for this week's ride. Either way, we are going to plan on going out and if we decide to cancel the ride, I'll send an email and post it on the blog by 3PM on Monday.

The other thing that has been looming is our slow decay of daylight. It looks as though the sun is going to be setting around 7:40PM tomorrow. That being said, our rides are going to have to get progressively shorter.

Anyway, here are the routes:

• 37.5 mile loop
• 19-21 mph average
• Lots of hills

• 30.6 mile loop
• 16-18 mph average(dependent on group)

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the rain holds off and hopefully I'll see you all at the shop!


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