Monday, August 9, 2010

GROUP RIDE: Monday August 9th 2010

Hi Everyone!

We've got a couple really nice rides planned for tonight.

The A GROUP is going to be venturing over the hills and into the Crystal Lake area. There are going to be some really nice climbs & some awesome flat and fast sections.

Here is the A GROUP route:

• 44.7 mile loop
• 19-21 mph average

The B GROUP is going to be heading on a nice large loop. The route is pretty mellow, with only a few short and easy climbs.

Here is the B GROUP route:

• 35.9 mile loop
• 16-18 mph average (depending on group)

Both rides have the same 10 mile route at the end of the ride. If we time it correctly, both groups could potentially meet back up and ride in together.

On a secondary note...I want to make sure that everyone's equipment is ride ready before we head out on tonight's rides. We have had a few issues in that last few rides where equipment has not been properly checked and tuned before the ride. I know that we will occasionally get flats, dropped chains, etc. during rides and those are unavoidable. However, it is everyone's responsibility to make sure that their equipment is tuned and ready to go. It can be a very dangerous situation if a bike is to have a mechanical fail during a ride. Especially if the group is riding fast and tight. Please double check your gear for the rides. Thanks.

Thanks! See you all tonight!!!


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