Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Good morning everyone!

First off, the group rides are about to start up again. Next Monday (May 2nd) is the official first ride of the season. We are going to be continuing the Monday rides from the East Longmeadow shop(A&B Groups). We will also be adding a women's specific road ride(No Drop) on Wednesdays, as well as a group ride leaving the Hadley shop on Wednesdays(A&B Groups). Thursdays will still be our mountain bike group rides(No Drop). We'll be starting at Robinson State Park & moving all over western mass throughout the season.

We will also be asking everyone who will be riding on the group rides to sign a waiver(DOWNLOAD IT HERE) and bring it with you on your first ride.

We have a lot of great stuff in the works for this season, but it all starts with making sure that everyone is an official member of the club. What does that mean? How do you sign up? Does it cost anything? Here are the details:

CEC Club Membership Details:
1. Cost of membership will be $30
2. You will be able to sign up for memberships starting on May 1st
3. Please visit your local shop to sign up
4. Membership benefits are as follows:
• 25% OFF: Competitive Edge Cycling Branded Gear
• 20% OFF: Cycling Accessories & Apparel
• 10% OFF: Complete Bikes, Frames & Forks
5. Memberships will expire on February 28th 2012..which means that your benefits will take you throughout the entire season and beyond

What else do we have up our sleeves? Well...let's just say PLENTY!!!! We have brand new CEC kits on the way, t-shirts, stickers, water bottles, demos, trips, events and so much more it will blow your minds!!!!

In addition, we will be having a CEC Club intro night at the East Longmeadow shop within the next couple of weeks. We are waiting for the new kits to come in and we want to tie the club intro night to the release of the kits so that CEC Club members will get first dibs on the new gear. On that night, we'll all get together to chat about the season, sign people up for the club, have some food and drinks and just have a great time. Stay tuned to the blog for the final date and time. I will also be emailing everyone as soon as we know, so make sure you're on the email list.


I also want to congratulate CEC team rider and ambassador Jen Audia (on the left) on her amazing 1st place win in the second stop of the Route 66 mountain bike series. Jen and her husband Nathan (CEC Team Rider) braved the elements and went out to race in the rain and mud. Nathan raced the single speed category and managed to hold strong coming in 5th in his race. All I can say is CONGRATS to Jen and Nathan. You guys are amazing and thanks for holding it down for the CEC crew!


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