Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Route66 XC Race Series: Stop #1

This past weekend a couple of the CEC crew went to Farmington, CT to race the first stop of the Route 66 Mountain Bike Series.

2011 Route66 XC Race #1: Farmington, CT - Royce

Royce was looking pretty muddy, which is always a sign that you are having a great ride!

And our very own Jeff Landry MURDERED his category and finished first with about a 5 minute lead. Yup..FIVE MINUTES! Don't worry, he didn't sandbag on purpose. This was his first mountain bike race. We already gave him a ton of crap, so he will definitely be moving up a cat or two before his next race. Either way, feel free to bust on him a little...he can take it! HAHA!!! GREAT JOB, JEFF!!!!!

2011 Route66 XC Race #1: Farmington, CT - Jeff Landry

On a side note, here's what's coming up...

We will be most likely having our CEC Club Kick-Off Meeting on Sunday, May 1st. Stay tuned to the blog for all the details.

I just talked to Sean and it looks like we are going to organize a Felt/CEC event in conjunction with the D2R2. We'll keep everyone posted with the details.

The roads are finally getting better & the woods have been pretty amazing, so get out there and ride! See everyone out there!


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