Monday, September 12, 2011

The last Monday ride of the 2011 season.

Sadly, tonight is going to be our last Monday night ride of the season, due to the declining daylight.  Right now the sun is setting at about 7:15, which means that we really only have about an hour and half to ride.

So, for our last ride of the season, we are going to do a short, but fun ride.  We're going to ride about 25 miles.  It'll have a couple town line sprints, a good hill, fun descent and some mellow rolling hills.  They'll be something for everyone.

Also, please remember that the shop is closed today so that everyone can recoup from the melée that was the Comp Edge tent sale.  So, the shop will not be open to fill bottles, change etc.  Please take care of all that before you get to the shop.  Thanks.

Please make sure to be ready to roll at promptly at 5:30 so that we can get the most riding in possible.

Hope to see everyone tonight!


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