Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Women Specific: Last Wednesday Ride for 2011

Hello Ladies!

All great things come to an end, but thankfully in this case, just for a season.  As of right now we are planning on having our last ride tomorrow.  It looks like there is a 30% chance of rain/thunderstorm/hail (surprise), but I have a feeling we'll be in the clear.  We'll be heading out of the shop at 5:30pm, and venturing off for just under 20 miles.  Please feel free to check out the route here.  I'll post a cancelation note by 4pm, if necessary.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all out there!  Thank you ladies, whether you came out once or every week, you all truly made this such a special time.  A big thanks as well to Comp Edge EL for your support, and especially those beer boys that would frequently make an appearance at the end of the ride.  I will truly miss this time with you all.

See you tomorrow!


PS - Providing the ride happens, dinner is still a go.  We'll plan on it after the ride and chat more tomorrow evening.

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