Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursdays ride

Hey gang...hope all are doing well! Keeping it simple for tomorrow and riding good old Robinson. Why...because it's awesome...and also want to keep it simple and prepare for this weekend. What's this weekend you ask? Doing my first ever 24hr mountain bike race, The 24 Hours of Greatglen! I am super physced and honored to be entered with my friends Sean, Scott, and Nate (ride that off camber)Lachance! So come on out, have some fun. Meeting at the usual spot at the usual time.
So, what else is going on....well, here's something to put on your list. Jaymo (Jason Moriarty) and myself have been mapping out our local trails at home. We are working on the first ever "Stafford fifty". Haven't got all the details yet, but here's the concept....A club sponsored fifty mile mountain bike ride through the Shinipsit trails followed by a cookout on Hampden road! We will do it as a no drop ride and have specific bail points for those looking for an early start at the after party. It's gonna be a compliment to the club century ride (which was awesome/lets do that again) and a great opportunity to close out the mountain bike race season and introduce the start of cycle cross. The timing will be mid to end of September on a Saturday and we are open for suggestions.
I will close out with the subject of cycle cross. If you have any interest at all then I highly recommend coming out to an event. It's so much fun...just ask anyone at the shop. I was lucky enough to see my new cross bike yesterday, now I can't wait to ride it. If nothing else, stop by the shop and check it out for yourself. It's a super fun way to stay on the bike all the way till winter and you don't have to spend a ton (unless you want to) to get into it. Even if you're not interested in racing, a cross bike is a great addition to your bike family. I love taking mine to places like the rail trail, beach roads, and scenic dirt roads out in the country...anyway, check them out when you get a chance. I can already picture awesome cross bike group rides this fall...

Goodnight kids, thanks for reading...


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