Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Women Specific: New Route, Recap and CEC Racing Women

Hello Ladies!

What a gorgeous week we've had so far! Thankfully the string of perfect weather will stretch to tomorrow for our ride. I'm really looking forward to getting back out there with you all. If you want to check out the route click here. We'll be riding just over 21 miles on relatively rolling roads. A couple things to consider as we begin to wind down the season and lose day light:

1. Consider buying blinking white and/or red lights. We carry a couple great options in the shop which are super easy to use, and even recharge using a USB connection.
2. This hasn't been an issue this season, but please continue to show up before 5:30 ready to ride so we can make sure we take full advantage of as much time on the road as possible.
3. Be prepared and aware that we'll be picking up the pace at times to try to keep our rides above 20 miles as long as possible, and still get in before dark. I'm very excited to see you ladies that have been coming week after week grow in confidence on the road, in your riding, and become stronger.

Please don't hesitate to touch base if you have any questions or concerns. You can always reach me at the EL shop.

On to other news...

Last week's ride was great. The temperature was perfect, kind of like an early spring or fall day. We had some new faces out there which is always fun. Thanks Judy, Cheryl and Deborah for joining us! Click here for ride details. Below is a picture of the ladies at Hall Hill and Pease.

Thanks again for coming out! You ladies definitely make this ride.

Before I sign off, I can't help but send a huge shout out to my fellow lady teammates for the awesome performance at this weekend's Blunt Park Cyclocross Race. It was such a fun time racing with you all, and spending the afternoon hanging out and cheering on the men. A big welcome and congratulations to Dawn who completed her first cyclocross race! I certainly look forward to having you out there with us this season, and learning more from you. I can't go much further without also congratulating the guys for their strong presence and performance on Sunday. We seriously have the BEST crew of guys EVER! Not only do they kill it on their bikes, no matter if they are in the woods or on the road, but they are the best cheering crowd and mechanical support team. Besides the excitement of the sport, these men are definitely a top reason to come out to see a race. Thanks as well to Competitive Edge for your great support.

There are two more local cross races this weekend if anyone is looking to check them out. Saturday is Monson Cyclocross Race and Sunday is Palmer 'Jungle' Cross. There is also Norcross Scurry MTB Race not too far away in Ashford, CT. No doubt Jeff Landry will be having some fun out there! Good luck Jeff, and good luck everyone on all biking adventures and races this weekend!


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