Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Women Specific: New Route, Recap and CEC Racing Women

Hello Ladies!

It's almost Wednesday and that means it's time to get back out there for a ride! I'm very happy to see that we'll have beautiful weather for our ride tomorrow. I've planned just over 23 miles with options to extend and shorten depending on our group and day light. You can check out the route here. Sadly, we have to plan to be back around 7:30pm. Please bring blinkies if you have them. We'll be rolling at 5:30pm sharp.

Last week's ride was great! It was a bit blustery which kind of made it feel a bit like a warm fall day. I can't believe September 1st is Thursday! Suzy, Judy and Deborah joined me for what had planned to be about 21 miles that turned into 24, I think. I haven't been able to upload the ride details, but we definitely kept a nice pace. Thanks again for riding!

This past weekend some of the CEC racers headed to Monson for another adventurous cross race. There was a lot of competition in the Women's Open this weekend, including Sally Annis a UCI Elite Woman in cyclocross. Conditions got a bit hairy as the rain started just before the women's race. There was a good deal of mud, a wicked slippery run up and descent. Pretty much what you hope for in a cross course. There will be more details, pictures and bragging (yeah Nate and Sean for your 1st place finishes!!!) to come on the Racing and fb page. For now, here are a couple of dirty faces...

Hopefully we'll get to hear a bit more about the D2R2 that was also this past Saturday. Congratulations to all that completed this epic ride.

See you tomorrow!


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