Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Women Specific: New Route, Recap and Cyclocross

Hello Ladies!

It's about that time again for another great Wednesday evening ride! I'm so grateful that we'll have beautiful weather to ride in, especially after all the rain we've been having this week. We'll be making a loop on some familiar roads again, keeping it pretty flat with a couple short hills, nothing you haven't seen before. Please feel free to check out the loop here. As always, it's a no drop ride. The more the merrier!

Last week I had the great privilege to ride with a super awesome lady, Laura. It was just the two of us. We ventured on our route enjoying some cooler temperatures after the rain storm. It really turned out to be a perfect night for riding. Thanks for coming out, Laura! Check out ride details here.

Mary Ann sent me some pictures from our group ride on July 26th that I wanted to share.

Descending Mountain Road

Intersection of Hall Hill and Watchaug Road

Thanks again for the pictures, Mary Ann!

I can't believe the time has come, but starting this Sunday, Cross season will have begun! Jeff mentioned in his last post about the season start, and like him, I highly recommend coming out to see a race, or even stopping in the shop to check out cross bikes. The first local race is this Sunday at Blunt Park in Springfield. Go here for race times and directions. Or for registration! Some of you might be wondering what this is all about, so check here for wikipedia's definition and watch below. The two video clips are of racers Nathan Orie (my husband, wink, wink) and our killer club Pres. Scott Decoteau:

I can't get the videos to work right now, hopefully they'll play once they're posted (fingers crossed). Just google "cyclocross" and click on video. You'll get the idea.

Better yet, just show up THIS SUNDAY, BLUNT PARK, SPRINGFIELD, MA. You won't be sorry, and we'll love to have your support. Don't forget the cowbell.

Happy Riding!


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