Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

Well, it looks like we might have to cancel our first ride of the season tonight.  According to The Weather Channel we'll see cloudy conditions all day with a few showers starting around 5pm.  As of right now I'm hopeful that New England weather will play out as it usually does and actually clear around 5pm to give us a great night of riding.  I will call the ride by 4pm today, so please check facebook or call the shop for updates.  You can view the route by clicking here.

If we have to cancel, I have a pretty good back up plan.  I would like to invite you all to come to the shop for a little bike 101.  We'll meet at the same time, around 5:15pm, and start at 5:30pm.  Some of the things we'll review are how to change a tube, cleaning your chain, and tips on riding.  We can also look at any additional questions you all might have on biking.  If you would like to come, bring your bike so that you can practice the things we'll review on it.  If you don't have your bike, I'll have a bike to practice on.  What's even greater is the shop would like to extend 25% off to club members for any bike maintenance or repair gear that you would like to purchase for the evening.  This would include things like a saddle bag, chain lube and tire levers.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!



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