Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday's Rides!

Happy Sunday to you all!  Tomorrow looks like it's going to be BEAUTIFUL!  So, we've got a couple really great routes planned for the rides.

The first is our A Group ride.  We're going to be heading south and climbing into the Crystal Lake area.  We've marked the 2 town line sprints on the map, so get ready to SPRINT!  The first town line is an uphill sprint and the second will be FAST and flat.  Please get to know the route ahead of time as we will be keeping the group at a decent pace.

Up next is our B group ride.  The B Group will be heading south as well.  We'll loop down into Ellington and back up.  This route will have rolling hills and one short, steep climb.

As the participation in the B Group continues to grow, it has been increasingly more obvious that we may need to split that group into two groups.  Before we head out on the rides, we'll decide on whether or not we need to split.  If we do split, there will be two groups... a B Group and a B+ Group.  Both groups will follow the same route, however the pace of the groups will be different.

On another note, we need to more and more aware of the groups' road etiquette.  Please make note of the folowing:

1.  The group must remain SINGLE FILE on all main roads.
2.  The only time that cyclists are allowed to ride 2 deep (side by side) are on non-major roads and when they are not impeding traffic.
3.  Cyclists are allowed 3 feet of vehicle lane.  There will be NO drifting into the middle of the road.
4.  The rider at the front of the group MUST call out all road hazards.  They will be in charge of leading the group around the hazards with ample space for the entire group to avoid the hazard.
5.  Use of areo bars is strictly prohibited.
6.  Use of headphones is strictly prohibited.
7.  Town line sprints will only happen when marked on the route map.  And will only take place when road traffic allows.

These rules are for the safety of the entire group and to ensure that we can continue to lead out safe, challenging and fun groups rides.  Thanks for understanding!


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