Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, for tomorrow night's mountain bike ride, we are going to be heading to Shenipsit for a little change of pace. We'll be meeting at the parking lot on gulf road at the bottom of the soap stone access road. Hope to see you all tomorrow night!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

I'm sitting at home right now listening to the rain.  So glad it is falling tonight and not tomorrow evening.  We had a great ride last week, and are looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow.  The route I've planned can be viewed by clicking here.  There will be some rolling hills as we head through Wilbraham into Hampden, and we'll loop the ride back north on Hall Hill.  Drink lots of water tomorrow, and come prepared with a full bottle with some form of electrolyte replacement as it can be a huge help on very warm nights.

We'll meet at the shop around 5pm and roll out no later than 5:30pm.  If for any reason we need to cancel stay tuned to our CEC facebook page or call the shop 413.737.7495.

Enjoy the thunderstorm!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you all enjoyed the perfect weather we had this past weekend.  If only it could continue just for our evening rides.  It looks like, yet again, there is a chance we'll have to cancel tonight.  So far we've really lucked out and have been able to ride every week, but the hourly forecast for 5-8pm is looking filled with thunderstorms.  Fingers are tightly crossed that this sunshine will hang around all day, but if it doesn't I'll call the ride by 4pm.  Check Competitive Edge Cycling on Facebook or call the EL shop at 413.737.7495.  If we are rained out we will go with our back up plan of reviewing a little bike 101 at the EL shop at 5:30pm.

You can view the route for tonight by clicking here.

Have a great afternoon, and hope to see you all tonight!


Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, it seems as though the rain is becoming a tradition for our rides.

Hopefully the weather will change at the last minute. And since we ended up doing an abridged version of the B Plus route last week, we'll plan on using the routes from last week.  

As usual, check in on our Facebook page for all the weather updates and if there are any doubts, call the shop after 3:30PM for the final word.  Hope to see you all out there.

- Scott & the CEC crew

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Tomorrow night's mountain bike ride will be taking us over to the Batchelor St. trails in Granby, MA.  We'll be meeting at the Bachelor St. parking lot at 5:30 and rolling into the woods promptly at 6PM. For those of you that haven't ridden the trails, check out the link below for  what to expect:

Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

We missed you all last week.  Allison, Laura and I braved the threatening conditions and had a GREAT ride.  There might have been a sprinkle or two just as we were returning, but otherwise we stayed dry.  It looks like we might have similar conditions for tomorrow, so stay tuned to facebook or call the shop to find out if we cancel.  I'll make the decision by 4pm.  If we do cancel we'll resort to the back up plan from last week to do a little bike 101 at the shop.  Reference last week's post for details or call the shop.

Tomorrow's route can be viewed here.  The pace of the ride will be determined on the group.  It is a no drop ride, so we'll regroup at intersections allowing riders to take up and down hills at their own pace.  Most importantly, ladies only.

Look forward to riding with you all tomorrow!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday's Rides!

Hi everyone!  We hope you had a chance to enjoy this fabulous weekend.  And to all you mothers out there...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Now for the plans...

First off, let me say that we are more than happy with the continued turnout and support on our rides.  It is really amazing to see how many people (46) we had on the Monday rides last week.  With the continued growth, we have decided to to lead out 3 rides on Mondays.  Here goes!

First off, we have the B Group.  This is going to be our recreational and beginner ride.  This is a "no-drop" group and all abilities are welcome.  Our average pace will be somewhere around 15mph.  As the season goes on, we'll be looking to increase the pace and test our skills.  We'll the same loop every Monday, changing the loop every month.  So, that being said, here's the route for the month of May.

Up next is our B PLUS group.  This group is going to be a faster B group, working to average 17-19mph depending on the route.  This will continue to be a "no-drop" ride, however, we will only regroup at certain points (intersections, hilltops, etc.).  Tomorrow's route is going to involve a bit of climbing. it is!

And last, but not least, is our A Group ride.  Instead of sprinting for town lines this week, we're going to be racing for King of the Hill points!  There are 2 King of the Hill markers on the route map, so get a handle on them before we head out.  Here's the route.

Thanks again for the continued support and we'll see you all at the rides!
- Scott & the CEC crew

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


And another email from the folks at Vermont Adaptive...

Dear Cycling Enthusiast,

On June 23, 2012 Long Trail Brewing Company will be hosting and sponsoring the “Long Trail Century Ride to benefit Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports.” Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports provides statewide year-round sports and recreation to individuals of all ages with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities.

Today, the organization is a leader in the Adaptive Sports Industry. It has more than 400 volunteer instructors who donate more than 17,000 hours to its clients and programs annually. The proceeds from this ride will help provide programming for those with disabilities and allow them to enjoy the outdoor activities and sports here in the great state of Vermont.

The ride is a recreational century ride (or shorter 50- and 20-mile routes) that starts and ends at Long Trail Brewery on Route 4 in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. All participants who register will receive a lift ticket voucher to ski or ride Killington Resort during the 2012-2013 season. Those riders who raise $300 or more will receive a special Long Trail cycling jersey, and all participants receiving an event wicking tee as well as entry into the Apres-Ride Party at the brewery, complete with live music from the Pete Kilpatrick Band and local favorite Duane Carlton.

We hope you and your friends will join us – you can learn more here

Vermont Adaptive is humbled that Long Trail Brewing Company has taken on this title role and are supporting the ride the way they are. The entire day on June 23 promises to be a fantastic one in the heart of the Green Mountains. Bring your friends and family for the apr├Ęs-ride party, too, as the jury is still out as to what will be more fun – the ride or the party!

Please feel free to email me with any questions. If you would prefer not to receive emails from us again, simply hit reply and type remove.

Kim Jackson
(on behalf of Vermont Adaptive)


Hi everyone!  I just got an email from the folks at and thought I would share.


I hope your summer season has gotten off to a great start!  As you and your club are planning your summer rides, please consider joining the Lobster Ride & Roll in Rockland, Maine on July 21.

Bicycling Magazine just named Bicycle Coalition of Maine's Lobster Ride & Roll as one of the top ten centuries in the country.  Bicycling chose the Lobster Ride as one of the most “engaging” century rides thanks to the unique Maine scenery, the ride's festivities and the celebratory lobster roll feast. In addition to the century there are 16, 30 and 50-mile options along some of Maine’s most idyllic back roads.  If you don't know Rockland, it is a beautiful coastal town with wonderful activities perfect for a great summer getaway!

There will be prizes for team participation so please pass this information along to your teammates and start planning a great group ride in Maine.  Registration for the event is now open on our website,  You can easily add your team name during the registration process so you can ride together.  All registrants receive the famous Lobster Ride bike socks and admission to local museums free with registration. 


It sounds like it's a great ride and a fabulous time.  

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

Well, it looks like we might have to cancel our first ride of the season tonight.  According to The Weather Channel we'll see cloudy conditions all day with a few showers starting around 5pm.  As of right now I'm hopeful that New England weather will play out as it usually does and actually clear around 5pm to give us a great night of riding.  I will call the ride by 4pm today, so please check facebook or call the shop for updates.  You can view the route by clicking here.

If we have to cancel, I have a pretty good back up plan.  I would like to invite you all to come to the shop for a little bike 101.  We'll meet at the same time, around 5:15pm, and start at 5:30pm.  Some of the things we'll review are how to change a tube, cleaning your chain, and tips on riding.  We can also look at any additional questions you all might have on biking.  If you would like to come, bring your bike so that you can practice the things we'll review on it.  If you don't have your bike, I'll have a bike to practice on.  What's even greater is the shop would like to extend 25% off to club members for any bike maintenance or repair gear that you would like to purchase for the evening.  This would include things like a saddle bag, chain lube and tire levers.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!



Sunday, May 6, 2012


Nate Lachance with Zip will be at the EL shop Monday evening to provide 303's and 404's for demoing on the Monday night road ride.  If you are interested in demoing a set please call the EL shop at 413.737.7495 to reserve a set.  There will be 5 of each model, so call as soon as possible because they will go QUICK.  If you reserve a set you'll need to arrive at the shop between 3-4pm, no later than 4:30pm, in order to swap over your cassette and switch out brake pads.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we'll catch you all tomorrow night!

-CEC Crew

Monday's Rides!

Happy Sunday to you all!  Tomorrow looks like it's going to be BEAUTIFUL!  So, we've got a couple really great routes planned for the rides.

The first is our A Group ride.  We're going to be heading south and climbing into the Crystal Lake area.  We've marked the 2 town line sprints on the map, so get ready to SPRINT!  The first town line is an uphill sprint and the second will be FAST and flat.  Please get to know the route ahead of time as we will be keeping the group at a decent pace.

Up next is our B group ride.  The B Group will be heading south as well.  We'll loop down into Ellington and back up.  This route will have rolling hills and one short, steep climb.

As the participation in the B Group continues to grow, it has been increasingly more obvious that we may need to split that group into two groups.  Before we head out on the rides, we'll decide on whether or not we need to split.  If we do split, there will be two groups... a B Group and a B+ Group.  Both groups will follow the same route, however the pace of the groups will be different.

On another note, we need to more and more aware of the groups' road etiquette.  Please make note of the folowing:

1.  The group must remain SINGLE FILE on all main roads.
2.  The only time that cyclists are allowed to ride 2 deep (side by side) are on non-major roads and when they are not impeding traffic.
3.  Cyclists are allowed 3 feet of vehicle lane.  There will be NO drifting into the middle of the road.
4.  The rider at the front of the group MUST call out all road hazards.  They will be in charge of leading the group around the hazards with ample space for the entire group to avoid the hazard.
5.  Use of areo bars is strictly prohibited.
6.  Use of headphones is strictly prohibited.
7.  Town line sprints will only happen when marked on the route map.  And will only take place when road traffic allows.

These rules are for the safety of the entire group and to ensure that we can continue to lead out safe, challenging and fun groups rides.  Thanks for understanding!


Thursday, May 3, 2012



Tomorrow we will have Matt Alford from Moots at the East Longmeadow location from 2pm-4pm.  He'll have his demo fleet of MX Divide NEW 29er full suspension, MX RSL race 29er, MX YBB soft tail, RSL, CR, and Psychlo X RSL.  Take a minute to check them out online here, and then, come and see us tomorrow!

-CEC Crew

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CEC Women's Ride

Hello Ladies!

It may look pretty gloomy out there, but we are still on for tonight.  Looks like we'll be clear of rain, so please come on down to the shop for a great ride with some great ladies.  You can check out the route for this evening by clicking here.  We'll be rolling out of the shop at 5:30pm.

I look forward to seeing you all tonight!