Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RIDE RECAP: June 7th 2010 Group Ride

Hi Everyone!

Last night's ride was great! Although we had to split into two groups and there were a couple flats, everything worked out and there were nothing but smiles in the parking lot after the ride.

I'm not going to be posting a recap on the ride since my route ended up very differently from the other 2 groups.  Either way, the first group completed the loop that was posted while the second group avoided the hills, but still ended up at the 33 mile mark.  Great riding from both groups.

I can't thank everyone enough for showing their support for our group rides. We have been continuously growing in numbers week after week. It's awesome! If the momentum keeps up, we may have to split into 2 groups every Monday. I hope that's the case!

Thanks again to everyone who showed up & we'll see you all at next week's ride.


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