Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday's RECAP!

        • June 23rd 2010 •

well, I know that it is Friday and I might be a little late on the recap, but oh it is.

There were only four of us on the ride, but we had a special guest! I can't say who it was, but I can say that he may or may not have been testing out a top secret "magical" chain/bike lube...all I can say is stay tuned for something awesome.

We also tried to get some video footage of the ride.  I am working on putting a couple of the clips together, so stay tuned for a little video edit of Wednesday's ride.  It'll be pretty cool. (I hope)

As for the ride, we ended up with about 12 miles and a 10mph pace. Like a dummy, I forgot to turn my computer on, so I don't have the recap data and map. sorry. Hope to see everyone out with us next week!


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