Sunday, June 13, 2010

GROUP RIDE: Monday June 14th 2010

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you all are having a great weekend. This past week has been a tough one for road rides since there has been a ton of rain. However, the woods and trails were great. So, I'm sure you managed to get out and keep those legs moving. Lucky for us, the weather for this week looks much better and Monday is going to be perfect for a ride.

Last week, we had another good size group with a variety of fitness and experience levels. Since the group has been consistently growing, we are going to start posting 2 rides every Monday. One will be an "A" group with a faster pace and some longer, steeper climbs. The second ride will be a "B" group with a slower pace and less climbing.

Here are the routes:


We will determine the groups prior to leaving the shop and make sure that everyone knows the route they will be taking. Both groups will start together and stay together for the first 7.5 miles. The A GROUP will split off, going left on Issac Bradway Rd. and the B GROUP will continue going south on Somers Road.

Please remember that we should all be looking out for each other on these rides! If anyone has any mechanical issues during the ride (dropped chain, flats, etc.) the whole group should stop, fix the issue and continue...AS A GROUP. These rides are meant to be fun! Let's make sure it stays that way.

See everyone there!

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