Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RIDE RECAP: June 14th 2010 Group Ride

It wasn't until we actually started pedaling that the clouds cleared up. But, what an amazing night it turned out to be. We had about 20 people between both groups. Steve and Tim led out the A GROUP, while I rode with the B GROUP. Both groups were awesome!

The A GROUP ended up with 39 miles and averaged 19mph. Fast pace lines, town line sprints and speedy climbs littered the ride. Great job to everyone!

On the B GROUP ride, we had our share of sprints and climbs. The ladies made mince meat out of the guys on a couple climbs and one of the town line sprints. Nice job, ladies! Bottom line...this ride was a blast!

Here's the recap of the B GROUP ride:

Thanks again to everyone that showed up & we'll see everyone next week.


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