Monday, May 9, 2011

CEC Group Ride - MONDAY May 9th

I'm staring out the window right now at what looks to be the start of an absolutely beautiful day & a perfect day for a bike ride.

I've posted the routes in the ROUTES section of the blog. Check them out. I will be printing cue sheets so everyone can grab one before we leave, but PLEASE take a look at the route ahead of time so that if there are any questions, we can clear things up before the rides leave.

Here's the plan for tonight's rides:

Both groups will be leaving the shop at the same time and traveling out of East Longmeadow and into Wilbraham together. Since we will be together for this first part of the ride, we will keep the pace at a minimum (16-17mph) until the groups split apart.

Both groups will turn right onto Soule Rd. in Wilbraham and that is where the groups will split.

Tonight's weather looks really promising. It may be a little bit windy, but the temperature is going to be perfect!


The sun is setting tonight @ 7:58 and since we are planning on 40 miles for the A Group, please make sure that everyone is at the shop and ready to roll out at 5:30 on the dot.

If anyone has any questions, please email us. Otherwise, we'll see you at the shop for the ride!


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