Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Women's Specific Group Ride

Good afternoon! This post is for the ladies, tomorrow we are planning our first women's specific group ride at 5:30pm out of the East Longmeadow shop. It looks like we'll see some rain in the morning and possibly a couple showers in the evening. If we need to cancel the ride due to wet roads and rain, I will post a cancellation notice on the blog by 4pm, and you can always call the shop for info, 413-737-7495.

This is the first women's specific ride, so we are going to take things slow to start off, and gauge the pace and distance by those that come out. I've planned a 15 mile loop with very minimal elevation gain. I'm working on posting the route on the "Routes" page but we'll be staying pretty close to the shop(Route Link). If there is an interest to hit some hills and add a few miles, we'll definitely do so.

As Scott mentioned in his recent emails and post yesterday, in preparation for the rides, please make sure that your bikes are ready. If you are at all concerned about this please don't hesitate to touch base with me (jennifer_audia@yahoo.com) or the shop tonight or before the ride tomorrow. Also, everyone who rides will be required to have a signed waiver and/or sign up for the CEC Club (check out Scott's post on 4.26 for details). If you haven't signed up for the CEC Club yet you can do that tomorrow but plan at least 30 minutes to complete the application and still be ready to ride.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and riding with you this season. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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