Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RIDE RECAP: Monday Night Club Ride

We had another great night for rides last night as the A & B groups set out for Wilbraham and surrounding areas.

Jen and Tim took out the B group and even though the route was only 26 miles, they managed to tack on another 7 ending the ride with 32 miles! Nice job everyone! And thanks to Jena and Tim for leading the ride.

The A group went out toward Crane Hill road in Wilbraham for a nice little climb. We ended up switching the loop a little bit and adding an extra hill. It was totally worth it. Even though we ended up with less mileage than we planned, it was still an awesome ride.

Here's the recap for the A Group:

Thanks again to everyone that came out & remember that we have the ladies ride and the Hadley ride going out tomorrow. Stay tuned for those routes! See you all soon.



  1. who is this "jena" you speak of?

  2. sweet ride, that hill was torture. Glad to be back.