Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Morning! Although I wasn't able to head out on the ride with everyone last night, I heard that it was awesome! The crew went out as one group, managed to knock out 40 miles & looked like they had a great time!

CEC Club Ride: East Longmeadow June 7th 2011

Here's the recap straight outta the mouth of CEC Ambassador Steve Wallbridge:

"Despite (2) flats (one being a complete sidewall blowout) and a broken seat that sent Timmy (the mechanic) hobbling back to the shop, we had a GREAT ride. We decided collectively to all (22 people) go out together because everyone was in such a festive and social mood. However, we still did 40 miles and averaged around 18.7 mph – the “A” group people had a great time and the “B” group people were thrilled at what they had accomplished – they were awesome!

Nate from Hadley showed up as well – it was nice to see someone from that shop supporting the EL rides.

The only thing that could have made this ride better was if our fearless leader had been with us."

Better late than never...here are some pics of the last Route66 Mountian bike race courtesy of CEC team rider Cristin. The race looked like a blast!

2011 Route66 XC Race: Domnarski - Ladies Start

2011 Route66 XC Race: Domnarski - Jen

2011 Route66 XC Race: Domnarski - Dan

2011 Route66 XC Race: Domnarski - Pam and Cristin


Finally, here's what's in store for rest of the week:

Mountain Bike Ride & Trail Maintenance - Robinson State Park (meet at the nnormal spot)

CEC Club Ride - Hadley (departing the shop @ 5:30) Route TBD

Mountain Bike Ride - Earl's Trials (meet at the normal spot)

CEC Club Ride - Hadley (departing @ 10:30 AM) 60ish miles - Route TBD

Hope to see you all soon!

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