Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women Specific Updates and Tonight's Ride

What a beautiful week we've had! It's certainly a gift to have incredible days like this to enjoy being outside, especially on the bike. Any new routes explored? How are the woods looking in your area?

Our friend, club and race team member Christin Christoph represented Competitive Edge Cycling this past Sunday at Pinnacle XII Mountain Bike Race in Newport, New Hampshire. Congratulations on your first place position in Sport, Christin! Keep it up!

Last Wednesday's ride was awesome! Joanne, Kristina, Pam and I ventured out on our planned route experiencing a few drops of rain early on. We continued with hopes that it was just a passing cloud, as there was plenty of blue sky around. As we found ourselves heading north on 4 Bridges Road we were faced with a large and ominous storm ahead. It was really amazing watching rain come down miles away, but we knew that very shortly that cloud would be above us. Thanks to Pam and Joanne's suggestion we went off route on Watchaug Road to circle back to the shop via Hampden center. We only had a few more drops on us before we returned with a total of 28.58 miles. Thanks ladies for pressing on and totally dodging that storm. Click here for the ride details. (For some reason the link isn't working properly right now, and if it doesn't soon I'll post with the new link)

On to tonight's ride! Right now the sky and radar are looking a little questionable. Please keep a watch on the radar as 5 o'clock approaches. We'll announce cancelation via email and/or blog, and you could also call the EL shop. Speaking of the shop, I'm excited to let you all know that I am now a full time employee of the East Longmeadow shop. Please stop in for a visit anytime! You can check out tonight's route here. Again, it's a no drop ride, and we'll determine the pace before we head out. Hope the skies clear and that we get a chance to ride tonight!


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