Monday, June 27, 2011

Route 66 Race Series - 19th Ever West Hill Shop Mountain Bike Race

This past Sunday the Competitive Edge Cycling Race Team brought a serious force to the 19th Ever West Hill Shop Mountain Bike Race. With 7 racers including 6 men and 1 woman, they climbed those hills, charged through the woods, climbed those hills, hammered into the mud, walked those hills, climbed those hills, and then they CLIMBED THOSE HILLS! Here are a couple shots that Nathan Orie (Cat 2 Single Speed Racer) captured that day:

Nathan's bike after the race. She was taking him to a strong 3rd possibly 2nd place finish until the tire washed out on a super muddy descent. So happy to hear you are safe, Nathan! (says his very concerned wife)

Christin Christoph's first race in Cat 1 after upgrading because of her incredible performance in Cat 2. 2nd place in Cat 1 12-34 goes to this super awesome lady!

Jeff Landry after receiving 2nd place in Cat 2 40-49. Watch out for this guy, he just keeps getting faster and muddier.

Rick Hartman at his first mountain bike race this season taking 1st place in Single Speed Open!

Michael Bartlett Pro/Cat 1 Open 4th
Nathan Pepin Pro/Cat 1 Open 9th
Sean Kennedy Cat 1 19-29 1st

(if any of you have pictures from the race it would be awesome to post them)

Again, congratulations to all of you on your amazing performance! Keep it up and keep having fun!

If anyone is interested in participating in or watching a mountain or road race this season check out for details. You can go here as well for the Route 66 MTB Series Race schedule. It is so awesome to have the support of other club members and friends, so please, if you get the chance come and cheer on the CEC Race Team. One race in particular that would be great to put on the schedule would be the 16th Annual Hodges Village Dam MTB Race and MA State Championship in Oxford, MA.



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