Tuesday, June 21, 2011


What an amazing night and equally amazing rides we had last night!

Once again, both groups were huge and rode awesome. Even though the A Group ended up on a couple choppy roads & we had an epic DOUBLE FLAT, we couldn't have asked for a better route. Thanks to CEC Club Ambassador Steve Wallbridge for putting the route together.

I am changing things up a bit and instead of posting the recaps for the rides in the blog posts, I have created a page that will house all of the RIDE RECAPS for the entire season.

Thanks again to everyone that showed up last night! It was nothing short of awesome!
SUNDAY! It's another awesome Steve Wallbridge route. It's a 65-70 loop going across the river and around Congamond Lake. I have posted the ride in the ROUTES page. Check it out! We will be meeting at the East Longmeadow shop at 9:30ish and rolling out of the parking lot at 10AM. Hope to see a lot of you there. It's going to be an awesome ride!

And as usual, we'll have our lady's ride in East Longmeadow & our ride in Hadley tomorrow night.

See everyone soon!

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