Sunday, July 31, 2011


Almost at the Hadley shop.

Hey there all our CEC friends!

What a weekend we've had. And what an amazing Century we did on Saturday.

I want to start by thanking everyone that came out to ride, support, or help out in any way. We couldn't have had such a great time without all of you.

Well, even though we were competing with another ride (Grand Fundo), we still had 12 of CEC's best come out for this amazing journey. Some of which were heading out on their first century, and even a couple people that hadn't ridden over 55 miles...ever!

Needless to say, the weather was perfect as we departed the East Longmeadow shop at 8Am. Our journey took us out through East Longmeadow, Wilbraham, and into Ludlow. We pedaled down some of the most scenic roads as we went toward Belchertown and working our way up the western side of Quabbin(202). When we finally turned off 202, we battled the steepest climb of the day (climbing into Shutesbury center). Thankfully it was the last real climb as well.

Joe and Jesse.  Relaxing before the last real climb of the day.

Steve W & Sean.

Sean & Bryon.

But what goes up must come down and we got to ride one of the best descents in the area.

At the bottom of that descent, we worked our way over to the Hadley shop for our mid-way stop. And after resting & recovering for about 20ish minutes, we went back on the road to finish the ride.

Mid-way stop - Comp Edge Hadley

Mid-way stop - Comp Edge Hadley

Having gotten all of the climbing out of the way, it would be smooth sailing as we crossed the Connecticut River into Northampton & Easthampton heading south to the 190 bridge in Connecticut.

Taking a short break in the shade.

BEER STOP! Mile 70.

After we crossed back over the river, it was only 8 miles to the shop to end this epic journey.

When we rolled into the shop, our MVP of the day, Mike, ended his day at 103 miles at a 17.7mph average. Mike's longest ride before Saturday was 48 miles! Mike seriously earned rider of the day & maybe even the season! Nice job, Mike! Hope you are rested and ready to head out for the next ride!

Here's the recap of the ride:

Thanks again to everyone!!! All of you are what make this club so great!!!! See you all on Monday for our ride!


It's me!

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