Monday, July 25, 2011

Well hello there Comp Edgers....let me start by congratulating Cadel, Andy, Frank and the rest of those amazing cyclists for their wonderfully entertaining and exciting Tour efforts. I have to admit that up until this year I've been a some what casual fan. But for what ever reason this year was addictive....and I love the the fact that first place went to the man with solid roots in the mountain bike world! The sights, the sounds, the energy that race perpetuates means only one's on the to do list....well, the to go list really. Who's in?

Next would be the fact that I'm sitting in front of this computer when I should be out riding with my friends! I'm sure you all feel the same way...two Mondays in a row, damn it!!! But I am going to get on the Mountain bike tomorrow and ride the Case/Gay City loop if anyone is interested? Going to try and get to the Line Street parking lot for 5:00. If anyone can make it email or text me so I know who to expect ( or 860-989-6552). It's a great ride which Dan Walker can attest to. As far as this Thursdays woods ride, I'm open for suggestions? Would anyone like to do something different? Last weeks Batchler/Earls ride was o.k. Great people as usual, but it was painfully hot...and a lot more biting insects than usual (or maybe it was my imagination). On a side note, Shawn, I hope your knee is healing quickly!

Lots more riding to look forward to. Hopefully not to many heat waves though. Speaking of looking forward, who's getting in on the century train for Saturday? I know I'm looking forward to it! Let's get out there and go for a great bike ride and celebrate our first 100 together as an official club. Climb into your kits (which look so awesome) and lets go show them off and bring awareness and inspiration to others! (as well as perspiration)....spread the word, bring a friend...

O.K. gang, guess I'm going to eat something and go to bed. Hope to see ya tomorrow,

Thanks for reading my post,


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