Monday, July 18, 2011

Tonight's going to be a HOT one!!!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend & got to enjoy some time in the saddle.

First things first...Tonight is going to be hot...REAL HOT! The weather is looking like it is going to be near 90 and humid. On top of the heat, it looks like we have a 60% chance of rain. Keep your eyes peeled to the WEATHER and if there is any question weather or not the ride is cancelled, please email us or call the East Longmeadow shop.

For tonight's routes, we've got the A Group heading south through Somers and into Ellington. From there we will be taking Crystal Lake Rd. and climbing into the Crystal Lake area. We'll be taking Rt. 30 to Old Springfield Rd. then climbing up, out and back home from there. As always, the A group is a drop style ride, so please make sure that you know the route. If you would like a cue sheet prior to leaving, just let me know as I will have plenty.

The B Group will be leaving the shop along the same path as the A Group, but will be turning off at Moody Rd., connecting to 192 and heading south and looping around toward Ellington, then heading north and back home.

As usual, both routes are posted on the ROUTES page. Check them out, keep your eyes on the WEATHER and hopefully we'll see everyone tonight!


...oh yeah... Don't forget that we have the official CEC Century coming up on Saturday, July 30th! That's right, 100 miles of fun with your all your CEC Club friends! It's going to be awesome, and not something to miss!!!

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