Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Women Specific Road Ride - Recap and July 13th Ride

Hello Ladies!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far, and is gearing up for tomorrow night's ride. We missed seeing some of the new faces we saw two weeks ago on last week's ride, but we still had a great time. It was a very hot night with the chance of a heavy thunderstorm that fortunately we didn't see until we were on our way home (thanks mother nature!). We completed the night with our longest ride this season of 27.4 miles (awesome!) with an average moving speed of 14.9 mph (super awesome!). Thanks Kristina, Cheryl and Kayla for coming out! You can check out the ride details here.

For tomorrow night's ride we'll be doing a little direction reversal with some new roads that we've yet to explore. We'll be heading south into CT, and then make our way east rounding back up into EL and a bit of Hampden. You can check out the route here. The route mapped out is 26.26 miles, and we'll determine the pace on the group. It has been extremely warm and humid lately, so please drink lots of water tomorrow, and remember to bring 2 full bottles of water and/or one with electrolyte replacement if you can for the ride. There is a great selection of electrolyte replacement tablets and energy supplement gels and blocks in the shop to try out on the ride. Some new things to highlight are the Clif Crunch Chocolate Chip Granola Bars and Honey Stinger Berry Banana Energy Bars. It might be a perfect night to have a Clif Shot Block in Margarita flavor --- maybe one of these nights we could grab real margaritas! Or ice cream or really anything cold for that matter (Can you tell I'm sitting in a very hot house writing this post?).

Just a little housekeeping, we'll have to cancel our ride for July 20th (next Wednesday) and August 3rd (3 weeks from tomorrow) as I'll be out of town. I will greatly miss you all, but feel free to ride one of our earlier rides you can find on the blog with perhaps a new friend from the rides, or encourage someone you know that has yet to get out on their bike to join you. You're still welcome to park at the shop if that is convenient.

Anyone out there that has yet to join us for a ride, please come out and ride with us! It has been such a joy riding with a group of ladies, and having the chance to encourage each other in new accomplishments like first rides with clipless pedals and completing their longest ride ever. If you are worried about the pace, I can't stress enough that it is a no drop ride and we welcome female riders of all levels. We will always regroup and always enjoy being on our bikes no matter the distance or speed.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I will see you all for a ride very soon! Stay cool!


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